Our Vision

The vision of the “Ujala Commercials Limited” is to be one of the profitable, and trusted Non-Banking Financial Company in India and in the emerging markets and to be customer-centric in all its acts and strategy to be done, to achieve its vision. At present Company's shares are listed in Delhi Stock Exchange but in future company wants to trade its shares on the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited.

Our Mission

Ujala Commercials Limited has main focus. to carry on the business of financiers, to provide finance for companies, corporate bodies, Firms by way of advance, short term loans etc. To carry on the business of buyers, sellers, producers, brokers, buying agents, selling agents, commission agents, factors, distributors, stock lists, agents, traders, importers and suppliers of and dealers in all kinds of tea, coffee, paper board, iron and steel, chemicals, jute, cloth, cement, food grain, fertilizers, electrical goods, sugar, automobile parts and rubber parts.